Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hot Guys Who Cook | Diva Universal

"Fastest way to a man's heart is through his stomach", yep- the cliche saying that we've been bluntly following for the past few decades, no?  Since we are all living in the 21st century..what about a little change for us all ? We'll have HIM doing the cooking and we ladies, can finally lay back & relax. 

That, you'll have to find out yourself. Lucky me, I have experienced it myself, (well, probably not physically but visually) watching HOT GUYS WHO COOK during the premier at the Food Studio, Mont Kiara last week! 


18 gorgeous men from all over Asia have been selected to dish out their kitchen tricks to woo the ladies in DIVA's latest reality TV series, Hot Guys Who Cook. In every episode, the hotties will attempt to cook up a storm in the kitchen, bringing candid humor and making quick snappy meals as they spill  their dating tips and a whole lot of juicy stories. These hotties are amongst the famous faces in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and The Philippines. We ladies will have an array of hot 'dishes' from Deejay, Actors, TV hosts, a former F1 driver and models.

They're hot, they cook, so much fun- what else can we ladies ask for? 

Henry Golding giving his prep talk before he gets his hands dirty! 

Food Studio: Very pretty ambience with complete cooking utensils and facilities.
I should consider taking up cooking classes there! 

L-R: Josiah Mizukami x George Young x Henry Golding 

 Here's only the 3 out of the 18 hotties in the upcoming reality TV series Hot Guys Who Cook. 

Peter Davis 
This half English, half Chinese Malaysian model turned actor is a long way from home, having started his finance career back in England. Voted by MSN Malaysia as one of the top ten rising entertainment stars in 2009, and named by MSN Singapore as one of the 12 fighters who will take Southeast Asia in 2012, it remains to be seen if he can add chef to his ever growing resume! 

 After 15-years in the industry, this Thai-American host/model Utt might be considered well seasoned, but he's also served up to some of the most memorable moments on the small screen, as the host of music, entertainment, travel and supernatural shows, to many live events across the region.

George Young 
A lawyer by trade, this half Greek half Chinese model turned presenter has graced television screens in Britain and across Asia. This Singapore-based artiste recently finished a box-office run in the Bollywood film, Jhootha Hi Sahi and is busy keeping his schedule busy with an Asian film project, as well as with TV commercials and magazine stuffs. 

Very charming in person. George's pretty chatty and friendly too.
Josiah x George 

One of the models during the night. 
Michiekins x Isabella x yours truly

 Hot Guys Who Cook is a DIVA Original Production and will be premiering this coming 25th June, every Monday at 9pm. Ladies, get your couch and popcorn ready! These hotties will be cooking up a storm and make sure you're ready to deal with it ;)


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Magdeline Wang said...

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