Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Thoughts of #Life

I looked left, and then right. I see cars hustling down the street, I see businessmen getting in and out of their limousines, I see white collar workers busy working on their documents, I see air stewardesses looking oh so pretty in their petite uniforms walking down the departure hall, I see elderlies dozing off in the waiting hall, I see kids running around in their cheeky smiles.. I see I see and I see. 

Life seems so wonderful ( apart from the world debating about the apocalypse- NO, THE MAYANS ARE PROBABLY LAUGHING RIGHT NOW BECAUSE THEIR PRANK IS FINALLY WORKING! - if you get what I mean) ... so perfect.. so flawless. But there are more than it shows. Behind every happy faces might not have a fairy tale and behind every frown may not be a tragedy. Assumptions assumptions.. 

As I'm writing this.. I'm sitting on a tall stool, at the corner of Starbucks. Hoping for a miracle, hoping for somebody I love to re-appear right before my eyes. "Exactly an hour till I leave this place", I just reminded myself. A flight to catch.. a flight that somehow.. I didn't feel like hopping onto. But I'm going home. I'm confused. I need guidance. I need to find peace. 

A constant battle with myself. Been fighting throughout my life, my teenage years. I'm tired.. I really am. Done things that I shouldn't have, done things that I never knew I would (or maybe I actually knew I would) I don't know. So much thoughts running through my mind. All I need right now is to find peace, find that gem in my heart.. that gem that will be with me for the rest of my life.

"10 minutes till the departure gate closes". I better hurry.

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