Monday, February 6, 2012

Whistle in the rain.

Page 37 of 366. Such is life. Short and sweet. As much as I would want to rant more about it. I don't see the point. Nevermind, I shall keep that for some better day. 

Today seemed so mundane. Browsed though the world wide web and stumbled upon a few eye-cathing stuffs ( mostly shown below). Paused and went on and on and on.. I reckon its probably the holiday mood- that I am being such an emotional brat braggin' away. A good 3 months is almost reaching its end. Well maybe 3 more weeks till it really does. 

Really don't like rushing through my posts but this is going to be one of the fews. 

Oh, and did I mention? I have been heavily influenced by these fit and fabulous ladies from Hence declaring myself a bodyrocker!

"Heck! How do they do it?". You know what I'm going try that myself and well.. we'll then see ;)

You know what, I'm just lazy to write. Such moody writer -.-

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