Friday, January 6, 2012

Easiest way to burn calories!

 3.09am and I'm still wide awake, researching for the best workout regimes and diet!  Stumbled upon this website and found a few interesting ways to lose some pounds. Ladies, trust me.. you'll love this one ;) 

All of these 'activities ala workouts' are said to be the EASY WAYS TO BURN 100 MORE CALORIES A DAY! Now we're talking! Perfect for you lazy bumps ( Well, I wouldn't deny that I'm not.. sometimes ) ;P 

Now, read up and start burning em calories! 100 calories a day, that makes 3,100 calories a month! Way to go ladies ;) 


become a neat freak

Every time you walk through the house, straighten up a little in each area of your home. Picking up around the house four times a day for just 10 minutes at a time burns approximately 100 calories. (That's based on our Calories Burned Calculator estimate for a 140-pound person doing “light cleaning.” You can use the calculator to find out how many calories you'll burn doing other activities too.)


hit the lanes

Go bowling for 30 minutes and you can burn (on average) about 100 calories or more! This active pastime is a great way to blow off steam and burn up calories with the whole family. Just be careful not to indulge in too much snack-bar food between turns. 


get cookin’

Cook to burn calories! “Find a new healthy recipe you can make from scratch and spend 45 minutes preparing it”, recommends Sharon Ritcher, RD. Need some ideas? Here’s a tasty one to try: Corn and Broccoli Calzones. Or search for others with our recipe finder tool.


mop it up

Mop the floor for 25 minutes. First go over the floor with horizontal strokes, then repeat with vertical for some bonus upper body work and extra clean, streak-free floors. (Source: Calories Burned Calculator)


take a stand

Try to stand for 20 minutes out of every hour of your workday to burn an extra 100 calories advises clinical exercise physiologist Jeff Dolgan. You can do this by letting someone else have the last chair at a meeting, standing during your phone calls or talking to colleagues in person as often as possible.


lace up with your honey

Switch your dinner date to a walking date. “A stroll through the park, the city or on the beach makes for a more romantic and intimate way to connect with your sweetheart (and can burn around 100 calories),” suggests Gregory Ladas, author of The Couch Potato Diet--often in less than 45 minutes.

And I've always wondered. Whats better to consumer 'right after' your workout. Isotonic drinks, protein shakes or water? ;)  Looks like I'll have to stay up a lil later! 

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