Saturday, December 3, 2011

So, what's next?

Almost a month since my last post. Everything has just been put to a halt after the hectic months of getting in shape, getting in place, getting votes ( I'm sure you guys have good photographic memories on this HAHA!), and getting done with exams and just getting things (serious stuffs) DONE! 

And now that I'm done with them, many have been questioning me with the same question. 
"So, what's next?" 

"Well, I'll just go with the flow I guess", thats what my typical cliche answer would usually be. I don't really like leaving people hanging but truth be told, I have no idea myself. I don't want to get things into rush and just tumble upon myself at the end of the day. Time is what I have now and in time to come, I will know what I REALLY want. And what "REALLY" means? 

Something that I can earn big bucks with, and earn a living from. Something that I enjoy doing and wouldn't mind doing it for the rest of my life. Painfully honest, thats what I am. 

I will keep this post simple and short. I know you hate long and draggy ones that (USUALLY) themselves. I have seen some, I feel you. 

Been showing up at certain events, gigs and concerts. At least I still get to see the girls and of course my girls ;) Diet wise, HEH HEH HEH *drum rolls.. ( I hope my "coach" doesn't see this), literally everything from the food pyramid's in my daily diet ( that includes 6 meals per day) and mostly the ones at the top of the pyramid. *wink wink to those who are in the club! 

NO! THAT'S DEFINITELY NOT THE WAY TO GO! I will keep the pre & post diet in another blogpost. You guys are gonna go berserk! ;) 

And as for now, my days are usually filled with joy, constant battle with food ( this will end right at this moment), barely any sorrow, confusions, frustrations and you name it! Really enjoying being myself again. 

Its been so great to have some ME-TIME; with just be and my books, my mac and just writing in the room. No distractions, no nothing! And its time I prove you guys the right way to eat, sleep and exercise!  I gave myself a month off; and boy! It wasn't a really good step to take. Real-time evidence? Follow me on twitter at

But I'll keep that in the coming posts. Remember, DO or DIE! ;) 

*pictures illustrated are in no particular order ;) 

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