Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Double D's.

The year is almost coming to an end! As much I hate saying this, TIME FLIES!  Now, as I am writing this; I am actually staring at myself in dismay! The tummy bulge has sadly taken over everything that I've  been working for. I have nobody to blame but myself. Well, there's this thing about human ( me myself especially) that I find it really hard to prevail. The constant battle with food, every single day. I am still find that grip to hold onto. Say hooyah if you're with me ;) HAHA. 

Now, approximately 2 weeks till the new year comes. Stop crackin your head thinking how to start, its how you END it! End the year with a BAM! I'd say end it with the Double D's! ( Truth be told, I am probably 2 alphabets down, but hey thats not what I'm preaching about yo haha). 


Time waits for no man. And I better get a new pair of runners. Otherwise, the next I know ; I'd be running bare-footed! The sole is thinning real quick. Adidas, Nike or New Balance? Decisions, decisions. 

Inspirations of the week: Victoria Secret's Angels & my all time favourite Nicole Scherzinger. 

Gym buddy wanted. Any takers? ;) 

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Daphne Ivory Chuah said...

i need a gym buddy to draling!! haha, i just joined TrueFitness :D