Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Clearly, its been a good long break for me, myself and mua. I forgot how much I was dreading for holidays but now, I just can't wait for my Year 2 to begin ( I will never be satisfied, kick me). And as much as I want the holidays to end, that will probably take another 2 good months. So I might as well just get myself occupied with something ( I really do sound pathetic, don't I? I think I'm getting good at that haha!). A friend of mine was asking me if I wanna collaborate for a shoot, more like helping out. So I figured, decided and said 'YES!'. 

Little did I know, after agreeing to lend a helping hand ( my entire torso too, actually ;P ) ... Mr.Photographer had an exciting and unique theme in mind- The Statue Shoot. It was actually ANTM inspired and the girls had their entire body painted in white. When I say entire body, its literally from top to toe including your hair, ear lobes and every little details on your body. But of course, our budget was definitely not as sky high as ANTM's. Nevertheless, it was fun, fun, fun, tiring, and fun! 

Here's a some behind the scenes. We had almost 400 photos and I can't possibly be posting them all in a post. I'll go berserk and so will you! Haha. Hence, these filtered photos. 

#1- Getting myself painted in white with Body Paint otherwise I might die of skin diseases and nobody wants that to happen. These are washable, thank God :P 

Took almost an hour and a half, with 4 helpful(s) to get myself well-coloured in White. Since, I was back in Ipoh and therefore everybody suggested Kellie's Castle @ Batu Gajah to get the shoot done. Too long a story if I were to tell every little details but yea, try googling "Kellie's Castle" and a string of stories will pop right outta your windows. 

And then, you'll know why I was mistaken as the Castle's legendary ghost. HAHA!
 *touches wood. 




#5- Under the scorching sun, it was impossible not to sweat. Touching up every now and then. Quite yucky but these two awesome friend was beyond helpful! Thanks girls! You rock ;) 


 #7- Mr.Photographer who made it happen. Kudos! 
But I wish I had time to take more shot though. Everything was so rushed. Nevertheless, great attempt. 


Here are a few candids/ Behind the scenes. 

#9- The Mistaken; Many thought I was hired to 'entertain'. But hey, I could've charged and gained a few bucks actually. Haha. It was definitely fun ;) 


#11- Definitely candid ;) 



#14- Just keeping the composure; you have no idea how HOT the platform was! This pose definitely did not last more than a minute! 

#15- The Statue- this is the final filtered and chosen shot. 

You may want to compare mine and the professionals but we're all just amateurs. I definitely have lots more technical aspects to fix and learn. Like I said, it sure was a good attempt and twas FUN FUN FUN! I am planning on doing another one, actually! It will definitely be WHITER and BETTER! ;P 

Now since Christmas is just around the corner ( technically, 5 DAYS AWAY!), 
have a great time with all your loved ones, friends and family! 

Merry Christmas lovers! xx 

What to expect in the next post? Well, I'll leak some in time to come ;) Till then!