Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Maggy Wears || In House Fashion

First of all, my most sincere apologies for such a late delay on this post. It's been collecting dust in the draftbox and I just realized the post scheduling didn't work. I swear, so much has been going on lately and the agendas on my plate is almost overflowing! Gotta re-prioritize. 

Despite all the busy schedule, I'm lucky to have such amazing sponsor that has been with me for the past couple of months. Really want to thank In House Fashion (IHF) for being such patient and understanding peeps xx Let's get back to the gist of the post, shall we? 

I am def the least fashionable/trendy person ( I know I've said this donkey times) but hey, at least I try and with such amazing sponsor that always deliver the trendiest and latest fashion wear - how can I ever go wrong, no? ;) 

This time - I picked 3 apparels that could come in handy, anytime! Sweater that's perfect for cold lectures during uni and of course, a pretty black blouse that goes with almost anything. Every wardrobe's essential - correct me if I'm wrong. 

#1. Mignon Sleeveless Embroidery Shirt in Black 

 #2. Fleur Studded Pullover in Black 

#3. Gilles Cut Out Pullover in Pink 

Most pictures above have been updated on my Instagram ( @magdelinewang). If you're more active on Instagram, just like me - then perhaps you should follow IHF at @inhousefashion. In the meantime, check out their latest PRE-SUMMER collection on their FACEBOOK page. 

I know most of my friends on Facebook have been hooked onto IHF's designs. Well, if you haven't then - you know what to do! ;) 

Happy Shopping ladies x 

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