Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hair Makeover | Shawn Cutler Bangsar

I've always longed for a hair makeover because I haven't been had a proper haircut in yonks! Had some really dreadful hair trimming experience and I told myself that I'll never step into a salon until my mane is ready for another make-over and well, of course - Shawn Cutler's offer came just in time! Talk about perfect timing. 

I've had my hair short, so short that I could wax em and have em spiked up (yup, don't gimme that look - we've all had our bad-hair-choice-moments), had me bobbed, mid-length and finally decided that I only look good in long hair, or at least it gives me my feminine vibe. So, I told my hairstylist, Mavis that I needed my hair length, also because I'm doing commercials and I need to be in the 'safe zone', if you get what I mean. Well, I almost attempted doing the ombre but didn't want to take the risk because I have a couple of castings lined up for next month - better safe than sorry hey?

We went through a session of negotiation and discussion, finally came to a final verdict of just trimming and having it dyed one-tone ( no highlights, no ombre). Of course, Mavis inspected/analyzed my hair prior to making decisions and she thought it was a good idea to just trim the dry ends with a considerable amount of length ( b'cus I was really particular about keeping my hair length) and she recommended that I should it dyed with "Lavender Brown" colour under the RICH BROWN category ( refer to hair chart below). I was hesitant at first because I wanted to try something else.. like Mahogany or something with a red or green base. But, decided not to because Mavis adviced that I was slightly tanned and Brown would suit me most ( and she was right!) Always listen to the professionals ;) x 

I went with LAVENDER BROWN x ( I can't remember the code but I think its B7.03)
Mavis showing me the hair chart under the sunlight for a better idea of how it would turn out like. 

My hair prior to the makeover was just long.. shapeless.. heavy on the bottom ( which makes my hair flat and unflattering).. had dry ends.. frizzy.. overall, unappealing! Plus, I would almost, never step into a salon if I don't need to ( yea, I'm just so lazy like that) and sometimes, I would even skip the hair conditioning when showering ( yup, THAT lazy!). Hence, explains why my hair always seem so dry on the ends. Nonetheless, lesson learnt and Mavis also reminded me that the source of EVERY problem ( in general) is the root - in this case, the scalp of our hair! I guess most of us always neglect the fact that we, too need to nourish the scalps of our head for better hair growth. So yup, that's a reminder for all of us x 

Had to wait for 20 mins for the dye to be absorbed before washing it off.  
I opted for hair treatment almost immediately, to prevent further dryness! ;) x

I must say, the staffs at Shawn Cutler were really friendly and assisting, which is the most important value for hairstylists; because not only you need to know if the hairstyle that you opt for is suitable for your customer, you also need to explain and make your customer understand WHY that is so. Especially customers like me, who's extremely fussy about my precious mane - I kept asking questions and I must really thank Mavis for being so helpful and patient with me ;) *thanks Mavis! x 

I find the interior of the salon really welcoming, and Hollywood-like! It somehow gives me the feeling of being at the backstage of a Chanel Fashion Show or on the set for Burlesque (cheesy, ahah. but you get the drift!) But yea, I absolutely love the long mirrors and if you realize, there's actually a red carpet trailing from the entrance into the salon, talk about Hollywood Glam ;) And I must say, you can NEVER go wrong with Black & White ;) x 

x Panaroma view of the Salon x 
And wuaaa-lahhhh! It was definitely worth the 3.5hours wait. The 'Lavender Brown' turned out perfectly fine and I absolutely love the brown hue on my hair. Although I had it trimmed, the length was well kept and the unnecessary dry ends are gone! My hair definitely feels healthier, after the treatment and the new color sure gives it a kick!

Once again, thank you Mavis, from Shawn Cutler for the amazing hair makeover. I've never loved my mane this much x As vain as it sounds, I could look at myself all day, everyday now ;P haha. Keep up the great work and I definitely look forward to my next visit soon xx

Here's some photos taken AFTER the makeover. I cannot stress this enough but I really really love the new color. Honestly, it was my first time dying my 'whole' head brown and looks like I'll be sticking to this for sometime, thinking of getting some dark brown highlights as well. 

For more information, or if you want to call for appointment, contact : 

No. 28 & 28-1, Jalan Telawi 2, 
Bangsar Baru. 
59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

Monday - Friday : 10.30am - 8.00pm 
Saturday- Sunday: 10.30am- 7.00pm


Chaw Siew Ling said...

hi may i know how much did the whole head cost for you ? :)

Magdeline Wang said...

Hi Siew Ling,

The make-over is worth between RM600-RM800 depending on hair length. Mine, was actually sponsored so I'm not too sure about the exact amount. Feel free to give them a ring to enquire! :) x