Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Time is running out and each day, I am one step closer to achieving my goal. I shall keep that for the upcoming posts, instead ( if time permits). Too often than not, I find myself wandering around like a lost soul; waiting for somebody to realize that existence and bring me back to life. 

Life is something I will never learn to comprehend. Its so complex that every moves has its bits of pros and cons. So, which should I perceive? 

Hence, I've came to a conclusion. To be neutral and achieve a balance in life *meditates* 

Step one: 
To refrain myself from any form of dramas (gossips, girls bitching,backstabbing etc.) 

Step two:
 Never stop listen or stop seeking for advices ; to absorb or not, its up to the individual. We were given ears to listen; and a brain to interpret. 

Step three: 

ps: Don't really see the point of this post. Guess its merely to satisfy my urge to write. But at this point of my life, its mind over matter. I don't mind & you don't matter :) 

After (almost) two years of discussion about the photoshoot, I've finally had the time to pack a chunk of clothes and have a decent shoot for myself.

Photographer: Aun Chua
Wardrobe : Model's own.
Make-up: Model's own.

Before the incredible journey thats liying ahead of me begins, just wanna say I AM A JOLLY-HIPPYDY-BITTYBOM GIRL TODAY! :D