Monday, October 25, 2010

AHH the truckload of STRESS!

Ahh yes. The charcoal-black faced is definitely vital at this very critical stage.

Probably my very last time reading Science. Daym, I sure am relieved.

Physics, Chemistry, Maths, GODDAMN IT they kill!

Not forgetting the hours i spend in College. Its like my 2nd home already.
This is far worse than SPM man.
Guys, if you think that Malaysian Examination is killing you?
Let me tell you, its *snap snap*PEANUTS!

Okay, better cut the crap.

Lets just hope miracles happen.

My one and only stepping stone. & not forgetting the exorbitant college fee that
would probably take me 5 years of working to repay Mr.Wang.
Very funny yes. LOL.

I don't have anymore time to waste.

ZoukOut! Parties! Penang! Bali! Taiwan!Mummy! HOME!

Here i come!

This must be the toughest THREE WEEKS of the year.

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