Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sharpen the blunt end.

Greetings loved ones!

So, what's been up?
Must count myself lucky to be staying in Malaysia. Despite the minor racism which I presume
is hard not to express, at times, we are still ONE ;)

One Malaysia. & lucky us to have so many holidays each year. & I'm definitely enjoying them. Blessed be ;)

Having said that, my trials are just around the corner & guess what. I've been trying to be a heroin myself. Not been studying lately. Like NOT AT ALL. May luck be with me.

Apparently left the camera back in hometown downsouth. Hence, no pictures available this time round. But, photo booth ALWAYS comes in handy!

Only self-camwhore shots.


Trying to look sexdy. (sexy while nerding)
Didnt seem to work. But ohwell ;)



One SERIOUS shot to end the post.

Will see y'all soon ;)

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