Saturday, September 25, 2010

Arthur's Day 2010.

Despite the extreme tiredness, I finally decided to give it a try. After a loooong hectic week (Yes the ooooo's were necessary). Talking about hectic, haven't been getting enough sleep & right now I'm pretty much immune to studying already. Its pretty fun actually!
( Bow wow look who's talking aye)

Eventhough was quite undecided at first, the thought of getting to dance dance
& dance just gave me the urge. And yes it did & the dancefloor was crazy! Woo!

JJ, EAN & SerenaC. did an awesome job bringing the dead to live.
(Honest opinion, Malaysians are hopeless audiences HAHA)

"When I say TO ARTHUR! you say? (silence)
TO ARTHUR LAH! ", SerenaC.

They rocked the night baby!


Weiwei & myself. I always feel like a giant beside her.

She's so skinny!

Group photo before leaving the surf beach.

I could hear my bed pleading for me to get back on it. Looks like its time for bedtime! like finally. There weren't any bedtime for me the past one week & look what had it done to me. EYE BAGS!

Goodnight peeps.

Take off that polka dot bikini girl!


JJ said...

Hope you had fun...
I sure did...

ps: Yes it's me. I google myself once in a while.... so that's how I found your blog.

magdeline said...

Oh yes. Had tons & heaps of fun. You guys did a great job bringing the crowd up! Keep up the good work guys!