Wednesday, September 24, 2008

exams r frigging way near.even faster than i
and ours is like on the SEVENTH!damn it.
and all i did was flipping thru the pages.(thats some sorta improvement,mag) LOL.
the "best thing" about exam this time ends on the TWENTY FOURTH!
let punya arrangement.haha.
forget bout that.grr.

mdm jeya told us smthg the otha day during,her sister met something in the toilet while she was doing her business.rofl.and guess what that thingy was?
BIAWAK!!!(i forgot what its called in english.oops)
it wasn't crawling around neither was it hiding at the corner of the was popping its freaking ugly head OUTTA THE TOILET BOWL!!!!!!!!arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..
haha.imagine you're the one sitting on the screaming made the whole rescue team of mdm jeya to go for the rescue.haha.
and this story had made me 'toiletbowlphobia'.haha.erm,is thr such a word?? LOL!
anyway,careful people :)'s comin.
im so gonna stay home and and STUDY!
haha.nah.i dont think i will.

ohya.btw,edward cullen is HOT! wey.furhh..
so irresistable.haha.

gone for good ;)

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