Friday, September 12, 2008

chocolates..the transfomer?

gosh.its been ages go since i posted a blog.aha.(thats what i said the last time i posted one)
like i just inactive.haha.
life without teevee.without streamyx.without my notebook.
its HELL! seriously.

lets get back to the chocolate issue.haha.
we're talking bout BlOODTYPES in class and somehow i couldn't rmb mine.haha.
CLICK!ohya,mine's A- which is rare.haha.i might consider to have a blood bank fer myself.
well,incase i need it one day.LOL.
all of a sudden,itu becky asked..

becky: mag,why dont u try eat more chocolates?its good.
mag : huh?why?my A- will become A+ ahh?hey.thats good.
becky: AIYO!
mag : (blurr as usual) what??

haha.berdasarkan kejadian di atas.kesimpulannya,mag sememangnya tidak layak menjadi seorang pelajar aliran sains.
well.that A+ thingy wasn't on purpose. happened weeks already but (like i said) im in im always the SNAIL.haha.

times up.
i gtg. (not again?!!)
check me out some other time. =P
btw,i dont know hw to link ppl.i know its lame.any help?
im off.

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