Thursday, January 8, 2015

Face Mapping at Dermalogica ft. Dipped Row

I've always been a firm believer in the phrase "beauty is skin deep" and it really does hold so much truth to it! I mean, let's put it this way.. no matter how great your make-up products are, they are merely covering up the flaws (mostly temporarily) and by the end of the day, you're back to having bad skin! Hence why I am always investing in my skincare products. 

When I received my call from the Dipped Row team, I was absolutely delighted! FACE MAPPING? 


If you're wondering what DIPPED ROW is ; well, they're actually an online fashion jewellery website providing some of the most intricate and beautiful jewellery designs ranging from earrings, ear-cuffs, necklaces, bracelets, rings.. you name it, they've got it! Check them out at ;  ladies, you can thank me later ;)

For me personally, I've tried and tested all sorts of skin care regime, from skin juice cleanse to skin laser treatments. My final verdict? Going back to basics. It's just like building a beautiful architectural building. No matter how much crazy designs you have in your head, you have to first lay the bricks and get the foundations right. Same goes to our skin. Having a healthy and glowing skin does take a whole lot of effort. Even those you see on TV/magazines are often airbrushed and photoshopped, so don't beat yourself up ladies. 

The Face Mapping invitation with Dermalogica got me all excited. Although I've always kind of known my face problems; I've never really had a proper skin examination before. The invitation came just in time! Thank you DIPPED ROW! 

So, I met up with the Founders of Dipped Row, Azura (middle) and Karina (right) before headed to Aster Spring in Bangsar Shopping Centre. We were greeted by the Dermalogica team and of course, our bubbly therapist, Jessie who was absolutely fun to be around with! Once we arrived, we got down to serious business right away. 

Jessie examined our face thoroughly with her face scanner and pointed out our key problems for each and everyone of us. My problem area was around my nose and forehead (some block pores), Azura's was dehydrated skin while Karina had some sensitive and redness to her skin. Soon after the skin analysis, Jessie co-ordinated a set of key products for each of us, accomodating to our skin problems. We were all given a form (which we can take home), and of course we get to try out all the products that were allocated for us based on our skin's needs. 

This product was my personal favourite! The DAILY MICROFOLIANT

So basically it works as a 'face scrub', but because it has very fine microgranules, it's not harsh on the skin and therefore, it's okay for everyday use! I am a total sucker for face scrubs ; I have the tendency to scrub my face every single day! What I love about this product is that, it actually comes in a powdery form. So if you want your "scrub" to be more diluted, just add more water and vice versa! I call it the versatile face scrub. HAHA! Apparently this product has received tons of great reviews worldwide and was even featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show too! 

That's me trying out the 'Daily Microfoliant'. You ladies gotta give it a try! 

Say hello to Jessie, our super chatty therapist guiding us through the Face Mapping session, step by step from pre-cleansing, exfoliating, toning, moisturizing to eye care! Boy oh boy, that's a whole lotsa step to having great skin eh? 

It was definitely an eye-opening experience and I sure did take home a few skincare tips from Jessie! Basic thumb rule: CLEANSE, TONE and MOISTURIZE. That's the three most basic skincare regime that you should never ever skip! (Though I must admit that I sometimes forget the 'toning' part :P) 

Thank you Dermalogical for these goodies! Love love love them! They were generous enough to gift me such a huge bottle of cleanser; my skin can't thank you enough! And I've also been using the eye serum every now and then and it sure helps in hydrating and nourishing my undereye area. So much love :)

Big thank you to the ladies from DIPPED ROW and also Dermalogica for having me! That's us sans make-up, still glowing and looking ever radiant! Who says you can't look good without make-up? Secret is no secret anymore, time to invest in your skincare products!

Ladies, if you're by any chance around Bangsar Shopping Centre ; I would suggest you drop by Aster Spring for the Dermalogica Face Mapping session. It's FREE and only takes 30 minutes of your time. It's gonna be well worth it, trust me ;)

Remember, natural beauty is the best kind of beauty!

Till then!


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