Thursday, June 12, 2014

Where was I again?

So, where was I again?

I think this whole "I'll be right back" .. " Sorry, I've been MIA".. "THE HIATUS" is getting a little overused, don't you think? I mean, right.. some of you are obliged to blog. Or rather, feel obliged to. But I don't. I write whenever I feel like and I don't feel like I owe something to my readers for not updating.. (okay, maybe a little guilt for keeping you guys waiting) but at least, when I do update.. I make sure it's of substance, and not.. (right, I think I shan't get there. Let's just keep this for another post alright). 

So! After much contemplation, I think I will be keeping this blog for a little longer. I was really close to closing it down (due to several personal reasons) but hey, I've made up my mind that I'm not going to and I'm sticking to my words. Currently still in the midst of my exams season and just completed my third paper (no, don't ask how it went. I don't wanna talk about it) .. and I HAVE ONE FINAL PAPER TO GO! Just one last one Maggy. One last one. DAMN IT. SO CLOSE! 

Aside from school, I've been pretty swamped with work as well. And when you're in Monash (apparently ranked #1 Malaysia's Top Universities, and one of the Big 8 in Australia), exams is NO BIG DEALL. Oh, NOT BIG DEAL AT ALL. Passing rate is as high as Mount Everest, not to worryyyyy. Haha, I was obviously joking. And NO. Monash is NO JOKE. And when I mean NO JOKE I do mean, failure rate for certain units could be pretty dang high. NO KIDDING. Having said that, I had to work everyday during my Study Break. ( Most Monashians I know call me 'The Heroin'). 





Thanks guys. Appreciate your heads up. But I guess, I'm just being me! The adrenaline rush junkie (not the roller coaster kinda rush), the one who's constantly living on the edge, and the one who's addicted to challenges.. oh hello! That's yours truly! 

Trust me, I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW I DO IT. I have no definite answer to your question, I'm sorry. But I do have a key to it. Time management and sleep deprivation. They kinda do come hand in hand, well.. at least in my case. There's only so much you can do in 24 hours. SIGH! 

And, speaking of work.. some of you might be wondering what I do. Hmm, besides writing.. I sometimes talk for a living too! :) You might have heard me on your drive home, or usually during the weekends! Yep, a radio presenter on FLYFM. I think I've mentioned about it before. But because I've been away from blogging for SO LONG (hmmm) ..... I clearly can't multitask! But I'm trying my best now.

So yeah, just a little update on what's been going up on my side; and yes, I've been working on #movewithmaggy as well. Feel free to checkout the hashtag on your Instagram! More updates in the coming posts. It is kinda being put on hold as of now.. exams is just taking too much of my time and I can't afford to re-do any units so I'm really just betting my life on it. 

I really don't mean to be such a narcissist, but I just realized the amount of selfies I took during work. I mean, I don't usually get people in the studio to take it for me... so, I do it myself lah! :P And here's a compilation of em all. I think I have more, but I won't take the risk of putting myself to further shame HAHA. And boyyyy, I do take a lot of selfies! :P 

If you're allergic to selfies, I suggest you not to scroll down any further than this. Otherwise, FEEL FREE! ;) 

OH. OH. OH! Before I forget, I'm not sure you heard my interview with Phoenix, the Bassist from Linkin Park, but yea, managed to speak to him on my show last week! Sat in for Prem for the entire week and definitely learnt alot! And to those who has been giving me feedback on my progress, thank you thank you thank you! I need em to keep working on myself! Thanks guys! :)

Yes, past couple of weeks has been a living hell for me. Work during the day, short nap once I'm home and straight to studies till wee hours in the morning and that was pretty much how my day/week was. I don't call myself a workaholic but that really did take a toll on my body and I was down with major fever and flu! THANK GOD that week is now over and I only have ONE MORE PAPER to work on and then it would be freedom for another month and a half before THE FINAL FINAL SEMESTER. I am beyond stoked! 

So many things to look forward to after my finals. 

Can't wait. So till then, ciao! x 

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