Monday, July 22, 2013

Run in the City featuring Nike LunarGlide+5

It seems to me that most people today are striving towards a healthy and fitter lifestyle. Or at least, most people that I know of. We try our best to ensure a balanced meal, a 20-min workout a day at the very least, constantly motivate ourselves with fitness magazines, bottom line - everybody is striving to look good, physically these days. Sounds very much like myself, actually. Well, the bottom line is - working out is one thing, doing it right is another. 

To those who know me very well, should know that I am a total gym junkie. Anything to do with fitness, I'm definitely up for it. A marathon, a jog by the park, dodgeball, any sports or form of exercise for that matter. I never knew how important a shoe can be until I sprained my ankle during an incident months ago and I was inactive for a good one month. Trust me, it sucked. I felt so uneasy, fatigue and all I wanted was to get back to my second home (gym)! And when I did, the first thing I did was to run. And bam, I fell. Ankle weaken and I crashed. 

Then, I realized how important it is to actually have a shoe that supports you well. You need to get the right shoes for the right agendas. Some shoes are made for the gym, some are made for outdoor activities. Hence, you need to know what you're really looking for. 

From my personal experiences ( and common sense, of course) ; shoes with flexible soles/platforms are best worn for gym because in general, gym have wooden/carpeted floors that can absorb impact much easily. On the other hand, shoes with harder sole/platforms are best suited for outdoor activities where you move and get active on hard grounds (tar roads, grass etc) that are often rough and uneven. 

This post in particular, is about the newly introduced NIKE LUNARGLIDE+ 5. I was invited by Nike Malaysia along with another blogger friend, Esther Ng from to try out their latest shoe technology. Prior to the event, we had a couple of surprises and I must say I was really impressed with their PR skills. Kudos to Milk PR and Nike Malaysia! From macaroons to gifts, which girl wouldn't enjoy surprises hey? 

The meet-up was held at KLCC Park and surely, there was no better place to try out the Nike LunarGlide. I felt like a kid getting cotton candy. Plus, the shoe we received was in my favourite purple /peplum colour. I couldn't be more excited. 

The LunarGlide+ 5

For runners with a midly to moderately overpronated gait, the Nike LunarGlide+ 5 delivers the stability and responsive ride of Dynamic Support, a two-part midsole system where opposing wedges of foam (Lunarlon and firmer carrier foam) move the runner from soft to stable as the heel lands and the foot flexes down. 

The shoe provides exceptional cushioning and support through the Lunarlon and Nike Flywire technologies. The Lunarlon system features a soft, light yet resilient foam core within a supportive foam for plush cushioning, springy response and needed support. Nike Flywire delivers an adaptive, glove-like feel and the Fitsole sockliner molds to the shape of the foot for a custom fit. 

Nike LunarGlide+ 5 for Women 
Nike LunarGlide+ 5 for Men 

Tried it, Loved it. 

My personal thoughts on the new Nike LunarGlide+ 5? I find it really solid, for a shoe. Stable platform and has a very good supportive system (especially when I know I'm having a weak ankle now). It has a pretty thick cushioning which explains why its so stable and comfortable. Stable landings and dynamic support system, plus plush cushioning - that makes up a perfect pair of running shoes. So, if you're looking for a running shoe, this pair should definitely be in your MUST TRY list. It fits me perfectly and I've been wearing it pretty often especially during outdoor sports. What I also love about this shoe has to be its lightweight and of course, the vibrant color is a plus point! ;) 

Well, need I say more? Go to any Nike outlet and try it for yourself! Sole Mate, now or never ;) xx 

Special thanks to Nike Malaysia and Milk PR for having me. It was a pleasure meeting everyone at the event and I definitely look forward to see everyone soon! Thanks again for letting me find my SOLE MATE! Till then! x 

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