Thursday, June 27, 2013

Over & Out!

Guess who's back? Stronger and better! *wink. Yup, exams are finally over now and you have no idea what I went through for the past one month ( the past two weeks were extraordinarily difficult, I swear I almost died). One of the most unforgettable.. traumatizing experience I've had. Almost like as though I came back to live (something like that ... I can't seem to put it into words).

Sat for my first paper ( on the 20th June 2013) ; a third-year business management paper and it wasn't because I hadn't been well prepared for it but god knows why I panicked and trembled throughout the examination. You know how when you have 10 minutes left and your heart would just race like nobody's business, yup exactly like that but I felt like that THROUGHOUT THE PAPER, FROM BEGINNING TILL THE END. I couldn't write and my mind went completely blank ; I was shaking, I couldn't breathe properly, time seemed to tick away so damn quickly and by the time I decided that I couldn't pull through - I asked for an exam cancellation and BAM; invigilator told me I was 5 minutes too late and it hit me - I WAS GOING TO FAIL. I cried and begged *super melodramatic I know* because HELL NO I'M DOING THAT PAPER AGAIN.. but hey, when I finally got myself together, I realized.. life ain't a bed of roses. And when shit happens you just gotta deal with it. I wasn't kidding when I said I studied so hard for it - I could've easily gotten a Distinction for that paper but .. looks like I can barely even pass it now. 

Leaving the rest to God. Don't wanna jinx it no more but it was definitely a lesson to learn. The rest of the papers I sat for after that.. I was a lot calmer and I refrained myself from putting too much pressure on my shoulder ( I tend to do that , a lot!). Some even laughed at me when I said the paper was "shit" and I had a panic attack. IT WASN'T ONE BIT FUNNY. Think some people need to learn when to laugh and when NOT TO. Wasn't exactly offended but I kinda felt helpless haha.

Maybe... I'm not so great at multitasking afterall. High time I prioritize ;( 

So, my piece of advice to those who are going to sit for any sort of examinations; make sure you get SUFFICIENT SLEEP the night before, NEVER EVER pull an all nighter prior exam day, JUST KEEP CALM and do whatever you can (because it's not like you can memorize anymore facts/theories at the eleventh hour, so just do what you can). Speaking from experience! 

Anyway, its over and done now. And it's time to get back to work, and get my well deserved holiday!

Port Dickson 2012 x
Wang x Wang x Wang x Wang 
Miss Selfridge Grand Re-Launch at One Utama x 
My bedside essentials x 
Did a project with SKINZ Malaysia - can't wait to see the final product! [ full post soon] x 

my ayam panggangs x my love x cant live w/o them 
Presidential Penthouse Suite @ Hilton KL [ Exact unit that J.Lo, Lee Hom & Katy Perry stayed in]  lucky much? 
3 months x current goal x motivation - WHAT'S YOURS? 
Took a month off gym (ankle still hurts) but I can't wait to sweat it out &  get pumpin' again! 
Back to work after a short hiatus. Will be on air this Sunday ( 3pm - 7pm) x 
x Mantra x 
Quite a lot happening this week and I can't wait for my long awaited holiday. Will keep you guys posted whenever I can. I don't know but the blogosphere seems to be dying ( and I can barely find time to blog anymore). Funny that there are still quite alot of budding bloggers filling up their blogposts with "same face , different poses" pictures and I just DON'T GET IT. Okay, I better hush hush. 

One more thought before signing off..

"Even superheroes have the right to bleed" x 

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