Friday, January 9, 2015

Thoughts on Life

Well, here I am.. thinking about a gazillion things all at once. Mostly, about life.

It's the 9th day of 2015 and I asked myself, "Yo Maggy. How much have you done to make your dreams into reality? Have you been slacking? Have you worked on yourself enough?". You see, I am quite a dreamer. I dream big and I believe you do too. There are so many things that I want to achieve, and at the same time .. there are so many other factors that are kind of making me feel fearful to take that ONE step. And also, when procrastination takes over.. that's it, the rest of the day is gone. Let's be realistic here, nobody hustles and grinds 24/7? There are times when you just kind of shuts down.. But if you don't, please drop me a comment. I would love to meet you! 


I'm turning 23 years old this year. Stepping into adulthood is quite a huge step, and it's pretty dang scary. I'm not talking about one's mentality nor emotional stability of being an adult, but the technicality aspects of it. YES, I'll have bills to pay and real responsibilities to hold. Money, of course comes into play. I'll need to start looking for jobs and make sure I can survive with food on the table, and a home to live in. Yes, that kind of responsibility. I'm not saying I don't now, but the fact that I'm going further into my 20's ... just kind of scares me a little bit. Honestly, that JUST hit me. 

A voice in my head just went, "Dude, you're turning 23 this year. What have you achieved? What are you doing with your life?" 

I don't want to be brutal to myself but some questions ... just gotta be asked, just so you can seek the answers in the voyage of life. Truth is, everybody's outlook on life is different. I'm just gonna break it down into 3 simple stories. 

A somebody, let's name him Bob. So, Bob goes out drinking every (other) night and as long as he gets his alcohol and time to spend with his friends, he's happy. Everything else don't really matter. In other words, his life goal is to just be happy and happiness to him means alcohol and friends. 

 Then we have Tom. He works out every (other) day, and needless to say.. he has a sizzling hot body. To him, as long as he looks good and can maintain his physique until he's 60, he's happy. So, for him.. happiness equals to healthy physique. Everything else is secondary. 

Finally, we have Wayne. Wayne has bigger dreams than the other two. Parties, alcohols and physique don't matter. Money does. As for Wayne, he won't be contented with life until he has become a millionaire. So for him, happiness equals to MONEY. WHOLE LOTTA EM! 

So we have BOB, TOM & WAYNE ; all three with their very own perspectives on life. What happiness equals for them ; are all very individualistic. Of course, I simplified em for the purpose of this post. I mean, you get my picture; my point was to prove how people can have different viewpoints of life and hence! So, what's your kind of happiness? Or do you not need happiness to feel accomplished in life? 

I've never been this personal in my posts before, but I guess.. no harm sharing my thoughts and views. At this point of my life, I would think success = happiness. I'm sure this is applicable to many of you too. Question is, what's your degree of success and what kind of success are you looking at? MY kind of success would be having the 'big break' in my career and being able to do what I love doing (which is kind of obvious with all the #ilovemyjob hashtags on my Instagram). I don't know when that would be, neither do I know if it's going to happen at all.. but all I can do is keep trying.  

"What if I fall? Oh my darling, what if you FLY?" 

That's what kept me going. I won't elaborate so much on that today.. but I will come back with a PART 2, when I've achieved this one goal that I'm aiming at. I know you don't know what it is, but this serves as a little reminder for me to keeping pushing and get it done. I will reveal in due time! :) I'm taking baby steps everyday to get towards where I want to be, there are times I feel demotivated, there are times I feel like giving up and there are times I question myself (such as tonight.. which led me to writing this pretty lengthy post).. but I guess we all go through that. 

And all you need is a little reminder and a little push. 

So, think about it. What's your goal in life? Are you doing enough to get it done? Are you pushing yourself enough to make your dreams come true? It's only the 9th day 2015. What I love about the New Years is that it gives your the sense of renewal, to forget the painful past and start all over again. Time is still on our side, so... tonight, before going to bed.. think about it. 

And when you wake up, DO IT! I'll do the same. 

Here's to making 2015 our year! 


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